Thursday, January 8, 2015

See Differently

These traditional holidays has forgot about someone like me 
This is not my real true reality 
When you born in a family 
That you have to make it on your own
all alone
Don't want pity
It's not a poor oh me
This is just the way it has been
A part of my life story
It has begun and will never end
I came to know It's alright 
It has made me see beyond just me
The abandon and alone people on the holidays 
Giving and love is everyday
Its not about the traditional society's family
You will never truly understand unless 
you walked as I am
In theses traditional society plans

This Beast

This sadness has over took me 
This sadness have made me
This sadness should I let it be 
This sadness is it real
This sadness is how i feel
This sadness i will not continue to live 
This sadness Is just a part of me
This sadness of the uncertainty 
This sadness how can this be me
This sadness got my numb 
This sadness has been all I known
This sadness will eventually be gone
If I keep the fight and be strong of this sadness I have continue to know

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


This so call normal is something that society say we need to be
Don't think to damn differently 

Have a white picket fence house
With a dog with kids and a spouse

Everyone grew up and have lived different lives
Truly struggled to survive

Many don't desire in here heart anything
We were taught 

This so call normal life
Do what you feel in your heart is right


Walking a day in my shoes
To life you may have refused
But I'm a fighter so the struggles will get lighter 
Staying focus is required
This is something know one would desire
But this passion in my heart is on fire

Open Heart

 Still flow Broken
Still flow Hurt 
Still flow Stabbed
Still flow with all the pain it has
Still flow In peaces 
Still flow fast
Still flow heavy 
Still flow steady
Still flow Over
Still flow without grudge
Still flow of love 
Still flow the way it supposed to be
It still flows beautifully

Saturday, October 18, 2014


know tired is just a simply word we all have heard 
But why is it that I'm standing here so hurt

I feel this pain in my gut
Do you know what it means

To be chasing a dream
When at times it's nothing around makes you believe

As I look around my heart has been hammer to the ground 
But hope can still be find

Know matter what happen next 
Long as I choose to fight 

Deep down in my heart
 I feel it will be alright